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Edited HD GoPro videos with soundtracks and the like.


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Videos in bold are edited HD GoPro videos (3-6 minutes), usually with a soundtrack. Others are mostly short camera phone clips.

Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina

From the posts:
Splitboarding the refugios of Bariloche series
Feliz año nuevo chicos!

Isla Navarino, Magallanes, Chile

From the posts in the Navarino series

Las Leñas & Malargüe, Mendoza, Argentina

From the posts:
Boarding Las Leñas Day 1: Rain, Sleet and Smiles
Boarding Las Leñas Days 2-3: Hiking off the thesis belly and a day so exciting I almost pooped myself)
The escape from Malargüe and Santiago Redux

Nevados de Chillán, Bío Bío, Chile

From the posts:
Nevados de Chillán Day 1: !&%*$#@ POWDER!
Nevados de Chillán Days 2-4: Shangri-La and the Markets of Chillán
Nevados de Chillán Day 5: Aguas Calientes

Malacahuello, Araucanía, Chile

From the post Volcán Llaima

Pucón, Araucanía, Chile

From the post On Love and Volcanoes

Ruta 40, Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

From the post Bus to the End of the World