Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Postcard Contest 2: Bariloche

Holy wow, just saw that the blog has had over 2100 visits! And it's been a month since the last one so...time for another postcard contest. Which from now on will happen more frequently, Promise.

I spent last weekend camped outside a magical place called Refugio Frey, a hike-in mountain hut in the middle of a place I saw described somewhere as sitting in the palm of God's snow-filled hand, fingers extended upward as rocky pinnacles that form a cirque around the Refugio. During the summer (hell, even now, despite the snow and cold) it's a mecca for rock climbing. I had a most excellent time splitboarding everything in sight before the arrival of a crowd of physical education students and a fierce windstorm made me beat a "too many poeple, help!" retreat early Sunday morning.

Refugio Frey at sunset. My snowboard had good dreams that night.

This coming weekend, in order to access the terrain visible in the left of the photo below, I plan to go to a somewhat more remote refugio inside the same Nahuel Haupi National Park: Refugio San Martin (Jacob).

This week's question: 

Which very large volcano that sits on the border of Chile and Argentina should I be able to see from the mountains this weekend? 

Bonus points if you come down here and climb it with me.

Standing at the top of  the ridge across from the Refugio at Las Tres Marias, looking out over Laguna Nahuel Haupi.

Again, first person to leave a comment here with the correct answer gets a postcard! You do have to leave your name so I know how to contact you and get your address.

Disclaimer: I can only send you a postcard if I am able to get your mailing address. I will announce winners when I have internet access, which may be as long as a week after the contest is announced, so be patient! Also, I make no promises as to when I will send the postcard. But, at some point, I will send it, pinky swear.

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  1. he answer is Tronador, of course, can I get a card now?