Monday, December 9, 2013

Postcard Contest 4: Patagonia

Why, hullo spikey mountains.

My parents and I are headed off to a tourist town in Argentina's Los Glacieres National Park in the mountains of Patagonia that serves as base camp for a very spikey mountain on the edge of the Patagonian Ice Sheet that is named after the captain of the ship whose adventurous naturalist would later become one of the greatest names in science.


  • the naturalist
  • the name of the ship
  • the name of the captain
  • the name of the mountain
  • the name of the town we're going to
First person to leave a comment here and get it right gets a postcard! You do have to leave your name so I know how to contact you and get your address.

Disclaimer: I can only send you a postcard if I am able to get your mailing address. I will announce winners when I have internet access, which may be as long as a week after the contest is announced, so be patient! Also, I make no promises as to when I will send the postcard. But, at some point, I will send it, pinky swear.


  1. Hey Carie!

    Charles Darwin
    HMS Beagle
    Cap'n Robert FitzRoy
    Cerro Fitz Roy
    El Chaltén


    1. BAM! You got it, fast as lightning! I'll message you to get your mailing address. Ski on, my snow friend!

  2. Naturalist: Darwin; Ship: HMS Beagle; Captain: Fitzroy; Mountain: Mt Fitzroy; Town: El Chaltén

  3. But I cheated by googling some of it (I blanked on Fitzroy and had no idea about the town)

    1. It's not cheating, it's called "utilizing available resources". Expect another postcard soon! :-)

  4. Love your blog-comprehensive and awesome photos! We hit some of the same spots-unfortunately, with me on the cruise ship, I couldn't stop and explore. Ushuaia, Punta Arenas,were 1/2 day stops, although I came back to Punta Arenas when I returned from the Falklands. Also, was at Otway, as you were. -Alaska aunt

    1. Thanks Aunt Kerry! Glad you're enjoying it, I've been having fun visiting some of the places that were in my head from your trip. Hope you can join me at some point! Mom keeps commenting that I must get my spirit from you--not sure how the genetics there works... Must be the name! :-)