Sunday, January 26, 2014

Postcard Contest 5: Chiloé

Views in Chepu

Chile's Chiloé Island, where I've been spending the month of January working a the Chepu Adventures Ecolodge in Southern Patagonia, is a beautiful, verdant place famous for its nature, distinct culture, seafood, churches, and homes on stilts.

It's also famous for an edible nightshade of which Chiloé Island boasts over 400 native species. Also remarkable is that >90% of the _______es grown worldwide are thought to have originated on Chiloé Island.

The first four people to post interesting recipes (but try to not give away the answer when you do) that use this edible nightshade get postcards from Chiloé!

Rules & Disclaimers:

  • Recipes must be posted in the comments to this blog post.
  • Recipes that use ingredients that are easy to find (in think small rural supermarket) appreciated!!
  • You have to include enough identifying information about yourself so that I know who to contact about a mailing address.
  • It may be a month or two before your postcard arrives, but I will send it!