Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Romantic Valentine's Day Weekend Alone in Ushuaia

I arrived in Ushuaia late in the evening the night before Valentine's Day, checked into my hostel, made a quick grocery run, did a quick paper submittal, went to bed, woke up, randomly chose a hike, jumped into a taxi, and just like that, BAM, I was off to the mountains.

Forget words (maybe I'll add some later), just enjoy the pictures.

Day 1: Glaciar Vinciguerra

Peat farm

Bridge to happiness

Damn you beavers!!


Carie + Mountains = <3

Valle Andorra

Microbial symbioses in action

Some sweet lichen/moss

Me. Alone in the mountains. That's love.


Anneke, I blame you for this.

Home sweet home.

Glaciar Vinciguerra

Day 2: Valle Superior

Feral horses on the trail

Wait, what season are we in now?

Peek through the forest

Mountain stream

Pretty stump


Valle Andorra

Pretty Edelweiss-like flowers

Laguna del Caminante

My own personal waterfall: view from my tent

Night 2 campsite, alone in Paradise



Goose down

Day 3: Paso de la Oveja


Mountain stream

More mountain stream

More mountains

Goddamn it was so pretty

Snow in a talus field


Paso de la Oveja

In Canadon Negro

U-shaped valley

Edible Llao Llao tree fungus (so delicious)

What are you and how do I get there??
Aaaand, civilization

Red lupine and a security fence in Ushuaia

Wait, where AM I?

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